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In 2020 when the Hospitality industry was turned on its ear, one of Atlanta's best found himself in unprecedented circumstances.  He had been in a strong position, with an even brighter future ahead, then it all came to a screeching halt.  


What was not unprecedented was his long-standing commitment to stay ahead of the curve.  With years at the top of the catering game in Atlanta, and a distinguished culinary background behind those years, Gray Wilson turned adversity into new opportunity. 


True North Provisions is born of a deep desire in Gray's heart for independence, the space to further the love of his craft, and the chance to provide for others on his own terms.   


Over the years Gray has developed strong relationships and enduring loyalty across the industry, creating trust among those he leads and those he serves.  His joy, passion, and conviction are infectious, creating a fire in the hearts of others to succeed and to dream ever higher.


True North offers a platform for greatness for those who wish to achieve it. 


Gray Wilson, Founder - True North Provisions
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